10 Reasons Why My Maine Coon Is Always Hungry


Maybe you’re just not giving her enough food!   Remember that this cat is quite bigger than other, typical house cats.

1. Not Getting Enough Food

Your cat might just be bored. Maybe she’s missing toys or an adequate play space; so, she’s eating instead!

2. Boredom

Even if you are giving your Maine Coon enough calories, that type of food may not be sufficient to satisfy her hunger.   High-quality cat food with the best nutritional values is necessary for Maine Coons.

3. Low-Quality Cat Food

Stress and depression can alter your cat’s eating patterns.  When the cat is stressed, it may start to cope with it by eating more or less.

4. Stress

If you have a female Mine Coon that hasn’t been spayed and that eats more than usual, she might be pregnant.

5. Pregnancy

Did you notice that your Maine Coon eats a lot of food quickly and scarfs or acts aggressively if you approach it?  This is called food aggression.  It might take some time for your cat to realize that she doesn’t need to finish all of her food right away.

6. Food Aggression

If your Maine Coon always seems hungry, but she’s maintaining, or even losing her weight, she might have parasites.

7. Parasites

If your cat seems to be always up to even try your food, she’s probably doing this just out of curiosity.

8. Curiosity

Older cats tend to eat more and exercise less, which frequently results in obesity.

9. Aging

A cat’s appetite may become more intense due to a variety of medical conditions, including diabetes, cancer, and hyperthyroidism.

10. Health Issues