10 Options For Best Cat Trees Without Carpet


Best Overall: PAWZ 51 Inch Road Modern Cat Tree

- A great balance of size, comfort,  and budget


- Tall enough to be interesting  for most cats but still small  enough not to completely  overtake the room

- Offers comfortable cubbies,  dangling toys and plenty of  places to scratch

Runner Up: Made4Pets 65.6 Inch Modern 6 Level Cat Tree

- The finished wood helps this cat  tree look much more stylish than  a typical tree


- Has a floating hammock and a  cat cubby with plenty of padding  inside

- Features added patches of carpet  that are removable

Best on A Budget: Furhaven Pet Corrugated Cardboard Cat House

- Made of corrugated cardboard  with plenty of prime scratching  spots


- Small enough to fit in smaller  spaces or makes a great second  tree to your home

- Excellent budget option

Best for High Climbers: PetFusion 76.8 Inch Ultimate Cat Climbing Tower

- A great option for high-flying and  height-loving felines


- Gives cats plenty of vertical space  without taking up to much floor  space

- Designed for cats to climb  straight up on the sisal column

Most Unique: On2 Pets 43 Inch Cat Tree with Leaves

- Features fake leaves, giving  your cat a chance to hide in a  natural-feeling environment


- Gives your space more of a  unique look

- A quite sturdy cat tree and comes with a 32-pound weight  limit

Premium Pick: The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower

- A part artwork, part carpet-free  cat tree


- The oak finish makes this cat tree  look so stylish

- Features three platforms, a cubby,  and many scratching areas

Premium Pick Alternative: Yokstore 62″ Multi-Level Cat Tree

- Features 6 different platforms  for kitties to climb


- Has a very clean dark wood  finish

- A wider base makes this tree  a suitable option for larger  felines

Best for Apartments and Small Spaces: Vesper 32 Inch Cat Tree

- Makes a great addition to small  spaces like apartments


- This tree can easily squeeze next  to a couch or near the TV

- Has a cozy cubby with a memory  foam bed and multiple scratch pads

Most Modern Style: New Age Pet eco FLEX Kitty Klimber

- This tree is a mix of modern and  almost gothic style


- Has two smaller platforms and two  cozy caves

- There’s also one scratcher on  the second level

Best for Older Cats: Made4Pets 51.2 Inch Cat Tree

- Since the first platform on this tree  is only 10.8″ from the floor, older  cats will easily climb it


- The distance to the top platform  is 11.2″

- The spacious cubby at the bottom  is another great feature