10 Common Maine Coon Cat Behavior Problems


1. Furniture Scratching

This is natural for all cats, but, your Maine Coon might also be missing an adequate scratching post.

2. Destructive Behavior

When a Maine Coon is not mentally stimulated enough and gets bored, it may show destructive behavior just to get your attention.

3. Maine Coon Can Develop Separation Anxiety

If you notice that your Maine Coon cannot be separated from you for long periods of time, this could indicate that she has separation anxiety.

4. Vocalization

These cats can be really, but really loud!

5. Territorial Behavior

Maine Coons tend to be extremely territorial, especially if there’s a new pet or a new baby in the house.

6. Avoiding The Litter Box

If her litter box is clean and tidy, the Maine Coon won’t avoid it.  So, if you notice this behavior in your cat, there might be an underlying health issue.

7. House Soiling

This might also be a sing of a health condition in your Maine Coon.

8. Aggression, Or Just Playing?

A Maine Coon might even bite you a bit during your playtime.

9. Maine Coons Tend To Be Night Owls

A Maine Coon might have too much energy at night, causing you not getting any sleep, either.

10. Aggression Towards Other Cats

This behavior should be stopped right at the beginning.

How To Deal With Maine Coon’s Behavior Problems?

  1. Find out the cause of           the behavior   2. Don’t punish your cat   3. Show your cat that           you’re disturbed   4. Reward good behavior    5. Spend some quality           time with your cat   6. Spay or neuter your cat   7. Let your cat outside for       a while