10 Causes Why Do Cats Meow In Another Room


A Cat In Heat

While cats don’t usually communicate vocally with each other the drawn-out cry  also known as yowling, they  produce it to get the attention  of other cats and to let them  know they’re in heat.


She Needs Something

Your cat’s excessive meowing  could mean she needs food,  water, or you to clean her  litter box.


Your Cat Wants Attention

If a cat is confined or restricted to  another room, they’ll cry to call  for their favorite human, either to cuddle or play.


Your Cat Is Lonely

Your cat might be crying because  they have the blues of being  away from you or they might  be bored and want to play.


Your Cat Is Stressed

Stressful situations can be caused by hundreds of factors. Most of these factors could be connected to some change in your cat’s routine or environment, even one that we would consider minor.


Your Cat Needs Your Help

Cats can be very mischievous as they run around the house, climbing on top of places we’ve no idea  they could reach. If you hear a loud yowling at any time  of the day you might find your cat stuck.


Your Cat Wants To Go Outside

Cats in heat can cry in a room with a balcony or a window to attract another cat. Sometimes they may simply cry when they see a passing stray cat, whether they’re neutered or not.


Your Cat Is Aging

Your cat’s yowling could be caused by a condition called, cognitive dysfunction. Your cat might be meowing in another room because they’re disoriented or because they need constant contact.


Your Cat Might Be Sick

Of course, even young cats can  develop health problems and yowling could be a sign of some  sickness or pain that your kitty is enduring.


It Runs In The Family

The fact that your kitty is chatty could have something to do with their breed. For example, Siamese cats are considered to have a range of different sounds they produce.